Since my school days, I was always on the move touring the world with a camera in my hand, but I took up the study of photograph seriously in 1998.
I was fortunate to have an excellent mentor and stimulating colleagues.
I take photographs, which allow the viewer to experience the physical world-historical sights and scenery in Japan and every corner of the world.

contract width “teo jasmin” テオジャスマンと契約 le contract avec “teo jasmin”


I made a contract with “teo jasmin” in Paris, having the design of the product of the interior relation use the photograph of my ‘Lotus Antiques’.

En ayant le contact avec teo jasmin a Paris, les photographies de mon ‘Lotus Antiques’ seront figurees sur leurs pruduits de decoration interieure.

1968 Born in Osaka, Japan
1988 First trip(Australia) abroad to study a foreign language.
Buy first reflex camera.
1989-91 Traveled in France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Australia,
New Zealand, New Caledonia, Vanuatu.
Joined Dainippon Pharmaceutical company.
1996-97 Took photographs in Australian whole, Hong Kong, Macao, Shenzhenh as well which is Chinese economic special area.
1998 Began to study photography seriously in CHUOKOU hschool.
Took photographs French west side halfway.
1999-02 Took photographs Italian northern part to Rome, Sydney Olympic, Pakistan, China, Alaska, Peru.
Took photographs the Christmas celebration of Paris, Rota Island.
2003-04 Took photographs France, China.
Took photographs the Christmas celebration of New York.
2004 Took photographs Malaysia, New York.,Paris , shanghai
Since 1999, I have been focusing on photographing, in Japan, Lotus ,
Cherry trees, ice cave and scenery in the countryside, as well as fireworks,
hroughout the country.


2003 Lotus antiques in PARIS.(FRANCE)
4/2004 Lotus antique in NEW YORK.(USA)
6/2004 Borneo Island in Tokyo.(JAPAN)
6/2004 Lotus antiques Ⅱin PARIS.(FRANCE)
8/2004 Lotus antiques in Tokyo.(JAPAN)
9-10/2004 Lotus antiques in Kuching (Malaysia)
1/12/2004-29/1/2005 Lotus antiques(Special version)in Paris.(FRANCE)
3/2005 Lotus antiques in SAITAMA (JAPAN)
7/2005 Lotus antiquesⅡ in SAITAMA (JAPAN)
8/2005 Lotus antiquesⅡ in Tokyo (JAPAN)
11-10/2005 Lotus antiquesⅡ in NEW YORK.(USA)
5/2006 China, old times, land, person at SAITAMA (JAPAN)
6/2007 Cherry, Bamboo, Lotus in Shanghai (China)
11/2007 Photography of lotus CREATION CONTEMPORAINE – SPIRITUALITES D’EXTREME-ORIENT (Auction) in PARIS (France)
2/2008 The photograph of the ancient lotus is used for the French film “Ca se soigne”
9/2008 Galapagos in Tokyo. (JAPAN)
5/2010 Photography of the lotus “7em edition of the First International Salon of Outdoor Contemporary Art” in Paris (France)
7/2012 Rengeshouma in Tokyo. (JAPAN)
8/2012 “Magical photography that changes photos” release commemorative photo exhibition in Tokyo ((JAPAN))
7/2013 Rengeshouma in Tokyo. (JAPAN)
8/2013 Rengeshouma in Tokyo. (JAPAN)
7/2014 Lotus antiquesⅡ in Tokyo (JAPAN)
8/2014 RengeshoumaⅡ in Tokyo. (JAPAN)
8/2015 RengeshoumaⅢ in Tokyo. (JAPAN)
10/2015 Participated in the FETE DES VENDANGES in Paris, France and organized a photography exhibition “Ancient Lotus” in the office of the 18th parish.
5/2016 Ancient Rengeshouma&LousIV in Tokyo. (JAPAN)
7/2016 Experience! Beautiful Hokkaido in Tokyo. (JAPAN)
7/2016 RengeshoumaII. (JAPAN)
8/2016 RengeshoumaIV. in Tokyo. (JAPAN)
5/2017 Participation in the exhibition “PENTAX KP” at RICOH IMAGING SQUARE SHINJUKU in Tokyo. (JAPAN)
8/2017 RengeshoumaV in Tokyo. (JAPAN)
12/2017 Fantastic Night in Tokyo. (JAPAN)
5/2018 The beauty landscape of Japan that I was impressed in Tokyo. (JAPAN)
8/2018 RengeshoumaVI in Tokyo. (JAPAN)
5/2019 The beautiful landscapes of the world that I was impressed in Tokyo. (JAPAN)
8/2019 RengeshoumaVII in Tokyo. (JAPAN)


2000 Natural scenery in Tokyo.
2001 Natural scenery in Tokyo.
2003 Natural scenery in Tokyo.
2004 Natural scenery in Tokyo.


25/10-12/11.2005 Exhibition in New York