2nd collection -“KATAKU” and “kataku”-

About publishing the second collection
In the first solo exhibition in Paris in July 2003, I was surprised even by myself in the response of ‘Ancient lotus’ that was the subject. Not only my own pictures but also from a lot of unknown people got in touch, and it stepped into the lotus world steadily.
I am not photographing only lotus pictures. However, there are still many lotus works that I would like to announce, and my sensitivity changed from the summer of 2003 due to the influence of solo exhibition? (Evolution?) To create a large number of new works. Unfortunately we can not introduce everything at once, so this time I focused on the part that was very interested in lotus this time. I would be pleased if more people can sympathize.

When the flower of the lotus blooms, there is an element in the center of the petal which looks like a shower head. It is the important part which decides whether it is the realization or the lotus or the water lily which has this part.
When a flower is blooming, the lover of the lotus is called KATAKU (花‘flower’); when a flower falls and the grain appears, we speak of ‘kataku’ (果 ‘fruit’). The Japanese pronunciation is the same.
The process of that change seems to be another living being.
Moreover, every lotus gives many kinds of forms and groups; these figures make me feel pathetic.
I feel somehow seduced by this beauty and coquettish.
When it rains, the forms will change, it becomes like the eyes of a dragonfly.
When the autumn comes, when the winter comes, they will be covered with frost and the appearance change again.
At that time, we forget completely their existence.
I want to give another word as « kataku » wither’

By Lotus lovers